What is OpenConext?

With the open source software OpenConext, you create a platform that connects organisations and cloud services with a single connection. Users - of one or several organisations - form collaborations and access a range of cloud services of various providers with the login of their own organisation. Build the solution to your needs with OpenConext.

How does logging in with OpenConext work?

When a user wants access to a cloud service, OpenConext first directs the browser from the cloud service to the organisation. After logging in, the organisation sends the browser back to the service through OpenConext. A signed message is attached about the successful authentication. This message sometimes contains extra information, like the user’s name, e-mail address or role. Creating a new user account for each new cloud service is now a thing of the past.

OpenConext flow

How can you recognise different organisations in one service?

A cloud service can get connected to different organisations. Without a login, this service cannot know to which organisation the browser should return. The user automatically goes to a WAYF (Where Are You From) page and selects his organisation from the displayed list.

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