OpenConext building blocks

OpenConext consists of various modular building blocks.

OpenConext Manage

The interface for OpenConext administrators. A convenient user interface with an overview of all connected cloud services and organisations. In here you can:

  • Add and modify services and organisations in real-time.
  • Manage the entire OpenConext platform with a user-friendly interface.
  • View all changes to the OpenConext platform.

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OpenConext Engine

The core of OpenConext. Engine provides a proxy and manages single sign-on. In addition, Engine block has:

  • An authentication proxy that handles logins quickly and efficiently.
  • WAYF (Where Are You From): users choose their organisation from the ones listed.
  • An optional consent or information screen for users who log in for the first time.

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Additional OpenConext features

OpenConext Teams

OpenConext Teams provides a place where users can create and manage groups and where services get group information. Individual distribution of access rights for each service is no longer needed, and the data is always up-to-date.

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OpenConext Dashboard

A user-friendly do-it-yourself interface in which OpenConext administrators of affiliated organisations can:

  • See and manage their services.
  • Access information about those services.
  • Connect new services.

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OpenConext API Security

API Security screens APIs through OpenConext. Logging in to an API is as safe and reliable as accessing the regular service connected to your OpenConext platform.

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OpenConext Authorisation rules

Restrict access to a service by using factors like group membership, role, or department.

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OpenConext Attribute aggregation

Attribute Aggregation gives the ability to add attributes for a user from a third party source and release them to the Service provider in the same set as the original Identity provider attributes.

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OpenConext Stepup

The OpenConext Stepup suite provides a way to integrate many different types of Multi Factor Authentication (including but not limited to SMS, FIDO2, hardware tokens and AzureMFA) into OpenConext authentication flows, and can also be used independently without other OpenConext components. It also provides the registration and management portals for token management and vetting procedures.

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