Dutch version

To Anyone interested in OpenConext
From SURFnet Board of Directors
Date april 2016
Concerning OpenConext Support Letter

SURFnet, the National research and education network in the Netherlands, regularly develops software to augment its range of services. This software is, without exception, made available under an open-source licence. Where possible, SURFnet supports other national and international parties that wish to use these products.

This support letter describes how SURFnet provides support for OpenConext software.

In terms of Dutch education and research, SURFnet utilises the OpenConext software to provide its single sign-on and collaboration platform, SURFconext. This platform has been in production since 2010. In 2015, this platform was used by approximately 900,000 students, employees and researchers from over 140 different institutions. This resulted in around 50 million transactions with 423 connected Service Providers. SURFconext has been included in the service portfolio as a core component of the SURFnet package. The services in the core package are provided for an indefinite period.

A great deal of international interest is being shown in the use of OpenConext as well. Pilot projects are currently underway in a number of different countries. An overview is available at https://www.openconext.org/.

SURFnet has been implementing a range of activities as a means of supporting the national and international OpenConext community:

  • OpenConext website, www.openconext.org
  • Facilitating e-mail lists for users and developers of OpenConext
  • Support from SURFnet employees for members of the community via e-mail lists and (potentially) face-to-face interaction
  • Organising workshops
  • Ongoing development of the software: adding new functions, implementing new standards, continuing to develop user interfaces and improving the performance, monitoring and manageability of the software
  • Evaluating and accepting OpenConext software modifications, thereby ensuring the quality and continuity of the software.

Structurally speaking, capacity of 0.2 FTE is available for OpenConext community support purposes.