This page contains the roadmap voor OpenConext.

Find below the intended roadmap of OpenConext as defined by SURFnet. SURFnet is at this moment the only contributor to OpenConext, see the Get involved page to help build OpenConext.


Conversion of OpenConext Installation to Ansbile

  • Convert OpenConext installation scripts to Ansible to allow simpler deployment and upgrade options.

Disentanglement of SURFconext from OpenConext

  • Small pieces of SURFconext have been slipped into the OpenConext code. These will be removed.
    • Separate (disentangle) SURFconext configuration from OpenConext respositories.
    • Removal/Rename of SURFconext from code, file locations, etc.

Enhance reliablility and predictibility of OpenConext platform

Enhance customer/end-user experience

  • Enhance end-user screens for speed and user-friendly (Q3)
    • Improvements on end-user screens and error messages.

New developments

  • Create business model introduction OpenID Connext into OpenConext (Q3).
  • Introduction of Self Registration for Service Providers (Q3).