1. How do I get OpenConext support?
  2. What is the role of SURF?
  3. What is the goal of OpenConext?
How do I get OpenConext support?

Trying to install and use OpenConext, but running into problems? Below are the recommended mechanisms for getting help:

  1. Search the mailing list archives of the OpenConext Community list to see if someone else has already gotten support for the same issue.
  2. Join the OpenConext Community list and submit a post to openconext@googlegroups.comsubscription is required.
  3. Send an issue to the issue tracker on Github.

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What is the role of SURF?

OpenConext was originally developed by SURFnet as part of the SURFworks and GigaPort3 programme. Until now SURFnet is the sole contributor of the project, but we are welcoming any interested party with free T-shirts to collaborate on this fine project. See also our governance page and please let us know if you want to join the project.

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What is the goal of OpenConext

The goal of OpenConext is to make collaboration easier for users in Research and Education. Unfortunately making something easier for users typically involves technology that isn’t always easy – or easy to explain – by itself. This wiki is the starting place for getting to know OpenConext, its technologies, use cases and to download the product.

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