A service connected to OpenConext as a Service Provider (SP) will usually authenticate using SAML. How this can be done and what options an SP has has been extensively documented in the Get Connexted wiki of SURFconext.

Connecting an Identity Provider (IdP) to OpenConext will also be done using SAML. This has been extensively documented (in Dutch) in the technical part of the Identity Provider section of the Get Connexted wiki of SURFconext.

The pages in this wiki space will provide basic tutorials on configuring an SP and an IdP to use simpleSAMLphp, and to configure an SP to use Shibboleth, all on the OpenConext platform.

  • OpenConext IDP – SimpleSAMLphp
  • OpenConext SP – Shibboleth
  • OpenConext SP – SimpleSAMLphp
Authentication using SAML